Pastoral training

Equipping Leaders

A truly exciting area of ministry the Lord has opened up is the pastor’s training.

The basic profile for the pastors we work with in the mountains is quite similar to that of pastors in many countries in a developing world context.  They often have very little formal education (like Jesus selecting fishermen to be His disciples), they normally have had no formal Bible training, and they have to continue in some other work to support themselves while pasturing. The Lord has given them a great burden to share and has given us a burden to help.  
We are bringing them courses from the internet and lessons on DVD’s that we work through together in a group format.  We have also partnered with the Global Network for Theological Training, GNTT, which is US based non-profit that purposes in bringing an interdenominational seminary level training to pastors and church leaders in the developing world. GNTT has a twelve lesson program that is administered over a two year period in which they send qualified pastors with at least a Master’s level training to teach the local pastors.
The need of the rural Honduran pastors for good Bible teaching is great, and these pastors are so excited to be receiving these training that can help encourage them in their personal walk and equip them with tools to minister effectively. 
We started at one location in the mountains with about 30 pastors from five different denominations, and the Lord has already opened up a second location with 24 more.  Our desire is that over time the Lord will raise up pastors who can take the trainings they receive from us to go and train other pastors.

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