Training Center

A place to gather,
experience, and learn

A training center to facilitate agricultural and pastoral training

We are in the process of constructing a training center that will have an agricultural component, Biblical training for church leaders and pastors, and be an area for social events.

Pastoral Training
We have started a pastoral program to bring free training of excellent quality to the local pastors to encourage them in their personal walk and equip them with tools to minister effectively.

On the agricultural side our focus will be on “Waste Transformation.” Developing working examples and trainings for small land holders on sustainable organic processes. We will showcase how God has established so many processes that we can make free use of that can take what is considered trash, rubbish, waste, and transform that same material into something excellent, and into something of high value. The most familiar example of this is composting but there are many more! This is an amazing picture of what Christ has done for us. Dying for us while we were yet dead in our sins (Rom 5:8), when we had no kingdom value, and transforming us through the free gift of His shed blood into a heavenly people, able to bring glory to the Most High God.

Day Training
Our desire is also to conduct special one day trainings open to the public and to also host church events.  In all we do we look to show the goodness of God through word and deed.

“But God shows his love for us in that while we were still sinners, Christ died for us.”
— Romans 5:8

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